Make-up: Is It Contradictory To the Word of God?
By Norma Sue Smith, Jonesboro, AR
The use of cosmetics, or the painting of the face, is directly connected with vanity. Paul states in l Timothy 2:9, “ln like manner, also that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety.”

The subject of the use of cosmetics is in direct contradiction to Paul’s teaching. Shamefacedness means: “respect, reverence, self-restraint, modesty, or bashfulness toward men.” Make-up is designed to attract the opposite sex by accentuating sensuality in a woman and arousing lust in a man. Both in the Old Testament and throughout history the use of cosmetics is associated with brazenness, forwardness, seduction and prostitution. Nowhere in the Bible is painting of the face associated with a virtuous woman. It always is used to describe those involved in adultery and harlotry.

What does God think about cosmetics? Two other verses of scripture tell us what cosmetics represent. These verses should be especially important to us for they answer this most important question. ln Jeremiah 4:30, God compares the backslidden nation of Israel to a woman who tries to make herself beautiful with paint and ornaments to appeal to her lovers.

A similar passage is also found in Ezekiel 23:36-44. Verse forty of this passage describes two women, typifying Samaria and Jerusalem, who painted their eyes and wore ornaments. What is the significance of this? In the rest of the passage we find that these women were guilty of adultery. Through this we see that God associates the painting of the face with adultery and prostitution. Since this is what God thinks about the practice, we know that by avoiding it we will please Him.

The painting of the face is not just fashion, or being modern, but it is the resurrection of an ancient practice which many of today's churches have accepted along with practically every other kind of evil. The pioneer evangelists of England and America condemned it. Early Christians in the Roman Empire taught against it.

So once again there is yet another question that we must ask ourselves: Shall we go the way of the modern church, or shall we obey the Bible?” Godly beauty is always best displayed when all the veneer is removed. When an exquisite piece of furniture is covered with a dull coat of paint, the intricate wood grain cannot be appreciated. Nor can a human face be attractive in the eyes of the Maker until the paint is eliminated.

True beauty cannot be purchased at a store and applied to the face or hair. The most attractive ladies have an inward glow of the Spirit that cannot be duplicated with paint, powder, or ornament.

In witnessing, what we are speaks louder than what we say. “For the Lord taketh pleasure in his people: he will beautify the meek with salvation" (Psalm 149:4).

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