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"He Leadeth Me"

By J.R. Ensey
“It takes no more than three days after conversion to find out that “it is not in man... to direct his steps” (Jeremiah 10:23). Organizations or local churches are no more able to do it than individuals.

Where would the church be today without the leadership of the Lord? That’s an easy question—we would have wandered off the cliff of compromise, been broken on the rocks of heresy, and scattered on the hillsides of apostasy. However, we have sought and recieved His direction. We do not know the way. Our apostolic moorings dictate that we lean heavily on God’s word and His Spirit to get us through the maze of today’s problems. We are facing ethical, moral, and social questions that tax and perplex the human mind. We could never find truth or righteousness without God’s guidance. God’s church is not a business, therefore it is not operated solely on human ingenuity, or what Zig Zigler may call “sound business principles.” It is a spiritual work and must be done in the power of the Spirit (Zechariah 6:4).

God has helped us make some wise decisions in the past. The years have proven that we did the right thing in 1957 when the decision was made to make having a television a test of fellowship. Later we wisely decided that we wouldn’t utilize it as a medium of evangelism. While most of the religious world has been turning left (becoming more liberal) we have stayed on course. That is something of a record among denominations.

Recently at a conference of a large Pentecostal denomination, a black bishop from a sister organization was asked to greet the audience. He praised that large fellowship as being an example for much of the fundamental ist world. Imploring the delegates to light the path into the future, he pleaded: “Lead us out of material greed and self-gratification. Lead us out of pseudopsychology and exaggerated sensationalism. Lead us back to the Voice that can still the voice of secular humanism. Lead us back to the touch of the nail-pierced hand that produces real, genuine miracles. Lead us back to a holy lifestyle that leads us upward.”

Now we are totally dependent on a denomination to lead us, but those goals outlined by the Bishop are certainly worthy of becoming our own prayer.

God leads his people individually. Direction is provided in major life decisions such as where one ministers and who one marries. What a mess we would make out of our lives trying to reason everything out on our own.

David’s perspective of God was one that revealed Him as the great Shepherd of the sheep. Such a figure was familiar to David since he had served as a shepherd in his youth. He saw God and His blessings thusly: “my shepherd”—with me; “green pastures”—beneath me; “still waters”—beside me; “a table”—before me; “my cup runneth over”—around me; “goodness and mercy”—after me; “I will dwell in the house of the Lord”—ahead of me.

Like David, we are surrounded by God’s presence. If we will allow Him to guide us we need fear no evil. He will lead us in the paths of righteousness.
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