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Ministry and Leadership
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 A Hill To Die On
Item # by J. R. Ensey
Is truth worth dying for? If so, which truth? Which doctrine? This new book, which will be available this week, suggests that there are some things worth risking our reputations, our resources, and perhaps our lives for. Six months ago we would never have thought we would be where we are today as a nation. The Christian faith is rapidly being dismembered and deconstructed to make way for Islam. The rush of endtime prophecy fulfillment should stiffen the backbone of every Christian and make us realize there will be a price to pay for our faith. The nine chapters of this new book include:

- A Hill To Die On

- Truth in an Age of Deception

- Unity in an Age of Division

- Righteousness in an Age of Hedonism

- The Church in an Age of Spirituality

- Absolutes in an Age of Relativism

- God and Government

- Is American Christianity Returning to the Social Gospel?

- Our Finest Hour
Price: $12.95
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 Apostolic Ministerial Studies Level I and II
Item # J. R. Ensey
Finally, the Apostolic Ministerial Studies course is complete! Years in the making, the two levels, Basic and Advanced, are available in two binders. There are twelve lessons in each level prepared for use by a pastor to train the ministers in his local assembly. Outlines for the ministers are also included. Written and compiled by J. R. Ensey, the studies are very practical and easy to teach. Here are the lesson topics:

Level I

The Word Handlers I
Conquering the Enemies of the Ministry
From Moses to King James
Managing Ministerial Finances
Taking the Pressure Off Your Marriage
Life in the Fishbowl
Leadership in the Local Church I
Gods Ministry Gifts
Making Full Proof of Your Ministry
Standards of Christian Conduct
The Ministry and Morality
Social Ethics

Level II

The Word Handlers II
Shutting the Backdoor of the Church
Ministerial Ethics
The Christian Counselor
A Page From Pauls Ministers Manual
Requirements For the Priesthood
Maturing In the Ministry
Feeding the Flock
Leadership in the Local Church II
Pursuing the Will Of God
Shoulders For A Prophets Mantle
The Gifts of the Spirit

The 21st century Apostolic preacher faces challenges every day that past generations of preachers could have never imagined. We need all the resources and tools possible to equip us for this time. Ever since Brother Ensey told me he was working on a new study course for preachers a few years ago, I have been anxiously waiting to see the finished product. After having a chance to review the course I have not been disappointed. The experience from decades of hands-on ministry and years of training ministers have been distilled into a very user friendly manual. This is a must for every young minister and for ministers that are involved in training others for service. Thank you, Brother Ensey, for another great resource to strengthen the ministry. -Pastor Gary Howard

Price: $119.00
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 Apostolic Ministerial Studies Vol. I & Vol. II PDF
This set is sold in PDF format which allows you to print as many as you need.
Price: $89.95
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 Faith Undone
Item # by Roger Oakland
Faith Undone targets the emerging church principles that are sweeping the American church. Grounded in a centuries-old mystical approach, this movement is powerful yet highly deceptive, and it draws energy from practices and experiences that are foreign to biblical Christianity. Leaders in the movement are working from an insidious agenda that is being embraced by an increasing number of Evangelical organizations.
Price: $12.95
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 The Role of the Shepherdess
Item # Roffie Ensey
You will laugh and cry as you read through these inspirational pages. You'll experience the highs and lows with the author as she takes you through the valleys and over the mountains of ministerial life. Roffie Ensey has participated in all aspects and facets of ministry discussed in the book - the wife of an evangelist, a home missionary, a missions administrator, a pastor, associate pastor (to their son), and Bible college president. It is written from the perspective of someone who has been there.
Price: $12.95
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 The Role of the Shepherdess Answer Key
Item # Roffie Ensey
This is the answer key for the workbook companion to The Role of the Shepherdess.
Price: $14.99
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 The Role of the Shepherdess Workbook
Item # Roffie Ensey
This workbook is a companion study help to the book The Role of the Shepherdess.
Price: $14.99
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 Works of the Holy Ghost
Item # Verbal Bean
Few could follow the leading of the Holy Ghost better than Verbal Bean. In these lessons, he show us how to be a yielded vessel in the hand of God and thus be used to invoke the anointing of the Lord on our worship and soulwinning. If you hunger for the old-fashioned power of Pentecost, get into these principles that he communicates here.
Price: $12.95
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