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Counseling and Psychological Issues
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 Apostolic Counseling
Item # Lynda Doty
The author is degreed in the counseling field but has fervently renounced the psychological way in favor of helping people God's way. Every minister or peer counselor will find this book extremely helpful in developing biblical ways to minister to troubled souls.
Price: $8.95
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 Only God Can Unfold A Rose
Item # Brenda Story
This book is long overdue. The author deals with pornography, a deeply personal topic but one that is timely and relevant. She offers hope to the hopeless, help for the hurting, and light in the darkness of despair. The knowledge that there is complete healing and deliverance from the bondage of sin is the desperate need of the hour. Read it and be moved to action—then pass it on to someone else.
Price: $9.95
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 Scriptures for Counseling and Witnessing
Item # J. R. Ensey
Every minister and layman needs a quick, handy resource for those witnessing and counseling opportunities that can pop up anytime. This booklet can be easily carried in the purse or pocket or kept handy on the desk. Pastor, if you put this booklet in the hands of your members, it will serve as a constant reminder to share the Word with someone who needs salvation, spiritual help, or just “a word from the Lord.” Topics are listed in alphabetical order. Hundreds of references with scripture location and the thrust of the passage. “A very present help in the time of need.”
Price: $2.95
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 The Ritalin Fact Book
Item # Peter Breggin, MD
From how stimulants work in the brain and how they treat (or don't treat) ADHD to their side and withdrawal effects, this invaluable guide presents the documented facts that your child's doctor might not know or think to tell you. Straight talking and up-to-the-minute, The Ritalin Fact Book will help you make informed health decisions; this is the book you must read before you fill your child's prescription.
Price: $14.95
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